Lock it up!

Published on 9/8/2021
Lock it Up!

"Locks are for keeping honest people honest"  - A good lock will slow down a thief and convince him to move on to easier pickings.

  • Right tool for the job.  Using a quality lock designed for the job is simple and cost effective way to protect your property.  Jimmerson Storage provides our renters a quality stainless steel disc lock designed for self storage unit use.  These disc or cylinder locks are more theft deterrent than traditional style padlocks, keeping your goods safe.  Padlocks don't belong on storage unit doors.  
  • Trailer Locks.  Trailers are by design easy to transport.  A padlock placed through the latch is vulnerable to theft by cutting or simply using an undersize ball that will fit in the coupler with the latch closed.  The solution is a "trailer coupler lock".  A basic lock run around $30.  For the best trailer lock money can buy expect to spend $200 plus dollars, well worth it to protect your family's investment in your RV or Boat.  
  • What about my motorcycle?  There's a lock for that too.  Most motorcycles come with a steering lock head locking mechanism engaged with the ignition key.  For further protection, purchase a lock for the brake disc that prevents the bike from being rolled.  Most are hardened and very difficult to cut off due to their shape and function and come with an alarm system built in as well.  
  • Insurance. Insurance is one of those things that most of us don’t worry about. We usually think that nothing bad will happen to us and we don’t need it. However, insurance is the last line of defense against theft. A determined thief who has no reservations against causing severe damage to an item they're after is very difficult to defend against. Especially if you are storing belongings that would be difficult to do without or expensive to replace, it is important to make sure your items are covered. Some facilities require insurance, but if they don’t your personal insurance company can likely help you. This is a great tool that can save you the financial strife of purchasing all new items in case our best efforts at preventing theft are ineffective.